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14 Books for Students who Don’t Like Reading!

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14 Books for Students who Don’t Like Reading!

Being a teacher or a tutor, how many times have you heard your students saying, “I don’t like reading!”? I am sure a million times! But we can’t really blame them. This is the era of Netflix and Hulu, and students these days are hooked to their screens all the time instead of reading books or novels like we used to.

No, we are not discouraging watching movies and shows; they can be knowledgeable and beneficial sometimes. But book reading is something that improves your memory, focus, and communication skills. It also improves your reading comprehension skills while keeping you engaged at all times!
So, are you wondering how to develop book reading habits in your students? Well, for that, you will need to give them something Netflix-worthy! You should give them books containing thrill, nail-biting suspense, and drama. Show your students that all these characteristics can be in a book too, and you will see them getting hooked to reading books. 
To give you a helping hand, we have compiled a list of 14 mind-engaging books that will make your students love reading. You can ask them to read these books as assignments, but trust me, they will enjoy each of them once they start reading.
But before diving into the list of books, let’s briefly go through some characteristics of books you should give to students who don’t like reading. 

Characteristics of Books for Students who Don’t like Reading:

If someone is an enthusiastic reader, they can read everything. But if someone doesn’t like reading and you want them to read, you will have to look for books with certain characteristics to gain their interest. Here are some of those characteristics and qualities:

The Books Should Work as a Mirror:

If you want your students to be interested in reading, give them something that matches their personality and interests. Now for that, you obviously need to know your students and understand their personalities. Try to know about their culture, background, and the current life they are living. After them, give them a book they find an instant connection with. 

Find their Interests

The interests of every student are different; some like fantasy, some like rom-com, while some like a suspense thriller or murder mystery. So, you need to find the favorite genre of your students individually and then recommend their books. You can figure this out by asking them what types of shows and movies they watch. 

Full of Cliff-Hangers:

Have you ever wondered why students these days binge-watch Netflix shows and series? Because they are full of suspense, questions, mysteries, and cliff-hangers. Therefore, you need to give them books with the same characteristics; the chapters should be short and full of multiple cliffhangers & twists n turns. This way, whenever they will put the book down, they will feel a sudden urge to pick it back up. 

Easy to Read:

This is one of the most important points; always give easy-to-read books to students who don’t like reading. Heavy literature and philosophy will only make them run away from reading forever. You will need to give them something that is easy on the eyes and matches their reading level. Once they get comfortable reading, they can gradually move on to literature and heavy text.

Engaging and Captivating:

Last but not least, the storyline of the books should be engaging to keep the students hooked. Don’t give them something artsy or super dull. Instead, give them drama, fantasy, and thrill. Also, give them a storyline that captivates their minds while leaving them wanting and reading more.

10 Mind-Engaging Books for Students who Don’t like Reading

As promised, here are 14 mind-engaging books you can give to your students to read and make them love reading:

1.The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian - Sherman Alexie

This book revolves around the life of ‘Junior’, an Indian teenager, and the entertaining things he does. Due to some personal issues, he needed to leave his current school and transfer to an all-white school, where he was the only Indian. Nightmare, isn’t it? Well, that’s what this book is about. It tells the everyday struggles of Junior in a humorous and relatable way. Students will love reading this teenage high school story with an entertaining plot.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian - Sherman Alexie

2.13 Reasons Why - Jay Asher

This book revolves around the life of Hannah Baker, a newbie in a high school. She committed suicide mysteriously and delivered a box to Clay Jensen’s house before doing that. There was a tape inside the box named “13 reasons why”. In the tape, she mentioned 13 reasons why she committed suicide. Yes, this is a popular Netflix series, and your students might have watched it. But trust me, it is nothing as compared to the book. The book is more profound, nail-biting, and emotional. 
Reasons Why - Jay Asher

3.Maze Runner Series - James Dashner

I used to love the Maze Runner series when I was a teenager, and I am sure your students will love it too! The engaging plot of this series revolves around Thomas, a teenager who wakes up one morning on a mysterious island. He is stuck in that place with some other unknown boys. The most interesting part is that place is a towering maze full of deadly creatures, and the only way to escape is to go through it. It will be a mystery for students if Thomas will be the first person going out alive of that maze or not?
Maze Runner Series - James Dashner

4.The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

Next on our list, we have a love story, but not an ordinary one. The book revolves around Hazel, who recently discovered she has cancer, and Augustus Waters, another cancer patient she met in the support group. They both teach other lessons that changed their perspective and thoughts about life. Also, they start positively taking their situation and life instead of being miserable. Yes, we also have a movie based on this book, but again, the book is a whole other mood.