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Ruba Z.
Ruba Z.
Female 35 Years
11 years of teaching
Expert in Math, Dept : Dept of Mathematics at MTS.
Qualification : Material Science and Engineering

Material Science and Engineering


I have been teaching mathematics to students of A-Levels and GCSE for the past 11 years now. I have taught thousands of students, and all of them are my pride. I can confidently claim that my students have shown significant improvement after working with me. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your students doing great.

Tutoring Approach

I work with both strengths and weaknesses of students and tailor my teaching style and lessons according to them. My sessions include discussions, past papers practice, example questions, feedback, short quizzes, question-answer sessions, and everything my students demand or prefer. I aim to help students achieve the highest grades and learn every equation or formula of math by heart.

Nirthan K.

She explained algebraic expressions in a clear and easy method. I learned every word she taught. Amazing teacher so far!


Glad I got to attend her sessions before finals. It was a great help! Highly recommended.


I passed with better grades in math, and all the credit goes to her sessions and time. Thank you, mam. I would recommend you!

Male 33 Years
8 years of teaching
Expert in Economics, Dept : Dept of Economics at MTS.
Qualification : MSc in Statistics

MSc in Statistics


With excellent grades in economics and statistics throughout the academic years, I have been providing private tutoring sessions for over 2 years. I tutor students of IB, IGCSE, and A-levels. Such fantastic subjects teach you how to make better decisions and help to develop or polish transferable skills that let you stand out.

Tutoring Approach

The best way to master the concepts of economics or any other mathematical subject is to practice them more often. Doing the most is my tutoring approach. I work on the basic foundation of students so they feel comfortable and confident while solving problems. I might ask my students to practice a lot, but I ensure that my students practice only when they completely understand the concept. Also, my lessons will be tailored to suit your academic needs and expectations. I will provide you with notes and work on past papers to prepare you for the final exam. Your grades and knowledge will increase significantly with my strategies and tutoring style! I love answering questions, just drop your query, and I’ll get back to you within a few hours.

Gray Reed

I can't praise Zaigham enough for his efforts, time, and teaching methods. To see myself understanding the concepts of economics deeply and completely was a treat! I cant rate and recommend Zaigham highly enough! Thank you so much – highly appreciated.

Amal A.

I found his online sessions and teaching style really helpful. He built my confidence and helped me achieve an A grade. Highly recommended.

M. Rohaan

I look forward to working with Zaigham again in my next grade. His knowledge, kindness, and teaching method are highly recommended.

Daisie P.
Daisie P.
Female 30 Years
7 years of teaching
Expert in Chemistry, Dept : Dept of chemistry at MTS.
Qualification : MEng Chemical Engineering

MEng Chemical Engineering


With degrees and knowledge in chemical engineering, I have worked in firms. During my bachelor's, I started my tutoring career and taught chemistry to my juniors and classmates. Over the past seven years, I have tutored and monitored students of all abilities, age groups, curricula, and learning capabilities. I am a motivated and diligent tutor with a passion for bringing the best out of students.

Tutoring Approach

I put my efforts into tailoring the session around the students by discussing their weak areas, learning habits and style, exam technique, and academic goals or plans. Having been a chemistry student myself, I am keen to share my student life experiences and overcome the struggles. With students, I prefer spending time-solving past papers in exam-style to refine exam techniques and learn more with practice. My students are allowed to stop me anytime during the lecture and ask questions until they are fully satisfied. Feel free to submit your feedback or flag any issues.Book a free trial now to know more about my teaching style and lesson plans. I am always happy to communicate and help!


Very clear in explaining and easy to understand.

Tina B.

IGCSE chemistry was affecting my whole result, but Daisie’s lectures saved my life. Honestly, I could not keep up with the class as my basic concepts weren’t clear. She delivered every concept concisely and outstandingly, and I understood everything by heart. She is truly amazing. couldn’t do better than this – highly recommended to every chemistry student out there.


Couldn’t ask for a better online chemistry tutor! Everything was so organized and amazingly delivered. I would highly recommend her for everything.

Female 27 Years
5 years of teaching
Expert in English, Dept : Dept of English at MTS.
Qualification : MA in English Language

MA in English Language


Nothing gives me more pride than seeing someone flourishing and reaching their highest potential with my help or guidance. I have taught English to students of all international curricula, and I want to do the same my entire life.

Tutoring Approach

Practicing, daily learning, little improvements mean a lot, and my tutoring approach is bringing the best out of children. I take quizzes more often because I believe students are fearless when prepared well and confident. I appreciate when students share their academic goals, needs, and expectations. I offer customized notes and lesson plans and tailor my tutoring style according to requirements or preferences.


Excellent tutor; she is very calm and attentive in all tasks she teaches. Her way of communication is very polite and phenomenal. I really admired her, highly recommended.


She helped a lot in improving my essay writing skills. I learned all the types of essay writing techniques from her. Thank you for your time and efforts. Highly appreciated and recommended.


She explains everything well and gives detailed feedback on improving verbal, written skills and exam answers... I wish her well and highly recommend her to all my fellows.

Harry Bryant
Harry Bryant
Male 26 Years
2 years of teaching
Expert in Biology, Dept : Dept of Biology at MTS.
Qualification : BSc Biochemistry and Cell Biology

BSc Biochemistry and Cell Biology


Hardworking, enthusiastic, competent, adaptable Biology online and private tutor with 2 years of experience. I love to excel and use my knowledge to help students confidently attempt exams and bring out the highest grades/scores.

Tutoring Approach

Overview of my tutoring approach/sessions Question/answers, recap from old sessions, open discussions, and communication, mini quizzes and activities, past papers’ practice, feedback and suggestions, weekly and monthly performance report. To know more about my sessions, book a free trial and discuss your learning style, curriculum demands, academic goals, weaknesses, and abilities.


Harry's teaching style really suits me. I look forward to continuing his session in my A-levels. So pleased to find such a personable, qualified, and competent online tutor. Would highly recommend him.

Mehtab B.

He massively deserves all the stars. Clear, engaging, and helpful lessons. Highly recommended


Clear communication, accessible lesson plans, and very supported. He never stopped me from asking dumb questions, I had a very difficult time understanding some concepts. He makes everything easy. Thanks to Mr. Harry.

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