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Female 34 Years
9 years of teaching
Expert in Chemistry, Dept : Dept of chemistry at MTS.
Qualification : Ph. D. Chemical Engineering

Ph. D. Chemical Engineering


I have been a professional, experienced, and highly qualified Chemistry tutor for over nine years. My area of expertise is in almost all types of curricula. I have provided tutoring sessions to students of different ages, grades, levels, learning styles, and academic goals. I research, read, write, and learn different languages in my free time.

Tutoring Approach

After going through students’ complete profiles and histories, I design my lessons, such as their weaknesses, interests, past results cards, school curriculum, exam-style, and goals. I use worksheets, activities, tests, and past papers to help students prepare for exams and give their 100%. After covering a topic, I ask maximum questions, take a short quiz or schedule a test session with students to ensure they have learned everything by heart. My session slots are flexible, and sometimes, I provide private tutoring sessions on weekends to meet the demands of students. Your feedback and trust in my skills would be highly encouraged and appreciated.


Chemistry grades were affecting my whole result card, and I could not understand its concepts at school. After changing the number of tutors, I booked Badea, and honestly, my learning has improved. My understanding of concepts, knowledge of subjects, and grades significantly improved. I would highly recommend Badea to every chemistry student out there.


Highly recommended.


The complex chemistry concepts couldn’t be easy to understand without her sessions. I used to ask so many questions, but she never discouraged me; thank you so much!

Male 31 Years
8 years of teaching
Expert in Biology, Dept : Dept of Biology at MTS.
Qualification : MSc in Biological Science

MSc in Biological Science


I have been student-focused, result-oriented, experienced, qualified, and a successful Biology tutor for the past 8 years, and I am dedicated to living the rest of my life educating students and helping them accomplish their goals. I have studied different biology topics in-depth and published a few research papers too. With passion, knowledge, and hard work, I believe one can achieve any objective.

Tutoring Approach

Teaching and helping others give their best was my dream job, and I have been living my dream for many years. I have always wanted to be a dynamic teacher, and here I am. I switch teaching methods and adapt learning styles depending on students' needs and requirements. Students learn biology faster with diagrams than mere reading; that’s why I use the visual teaching style to deliver my knowledge. How well a student can explain questions shows their complete understanding of concepts. My tutoring sessions also include test sessions where I measure the student’s progress and determine where they need the most help. Everybody has their ways of learning, so I’ll try my best to tailor myself according to students’ learning styles to help them reach their targets.


My daughter took his biology sessions for two months consecutively, her knowledge and grasp on topics impressively changed. It’s the first time we tried private tutoring sessions, and I would recommend everyone book mytutorsource sessions. Everything was organized and monitored. It was a good experience.


His method of explaining is clear and effective. Highly recommended.


Some sessions were not on time, but the learning experience was great.

Female 29 Years
6 years of teaching
Expert in Math, Dept : Dept of Mathematics in MTS.
Qualification : Master of Science in Computing

Master of Science in Computing


Easy-going, confident and supportive tutor with six years of experience teaching mathematics to students of all ages and grades. My interactions with different students introduced me to numerous learning styles, curriculum needs, and different perspectives of students on mathematics. I take pride in sharing my former students' reports cards and academic achievements, and I am constantly learning from my students.

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring approach is flexible, and it will undoubtedly let you achieve your goals. One learns faster with a friend or supportive companion – I build a healthy and friendly rapport with students first. My main approach is to understand my students’ weak points, open discussions, fun and engaging activities, form connections, and help them achieve goals. I am completely fine with repeating anything millions of times as long as the student is willing to grasp the concept and improve. I usually like to take short quizzes and check them in front of the students – this way; students get to know about their performance and struggling points. Moreover, the structure and time of the lesson depend on the students’ academic needs, concepts, and requirements.


She is a great tutor. Every concept, topic, and problem is clear to me. Now I can confidently appear in the exam without any fear of failing. Thank you so much, Aidah. You are a professional and hardworking tutor.


Thank you, Aidah, for being so kind and supportive. You managed to give me extra time. I really appreciate it.


My son was terrible in IGCSE math, but your guidance and teaching style has developed a liking of the subject in him. His school math teachers have mentioned their improvement and interest in mathematics, and the credit goes to you. I cannot thank you enough for being so polite and patient with my son. I highly recommend you to all the struggling students.

Male 27 Years
3 years of teaching
Expert in Economics, Dept : Dept of Economics at MTS.
Qualification : BSc (Hons) International Business Management

BSc (Hons) International Business Management


I have been tutoring economics and mathematics students of both GCSE and A-Level. Before tutoring professionally, I used to teach and help my juniors, classmates, and other fellows in these subjects and encourage them to do better and achieve A* grades. I am addicted to helping students achieve their academic goals and best.

Tutoring Approach

Nobody can master the concepts of any subject without understanding its key concepts and principles. One cannot ace exams or become a better learner without practice and in-depth concepts. I take the first session to know students’ academic needs and expectations and discover their learning styles. I show them my lesson structure and offer customized lesson plans. My approach to all sessions is flexible, adaptable, and dynamic. To ensure students relate to everything they learn, I explain concepts with real-life examples and continually ask questions to check to understand. My main focus is helping students to understand the exam-style technique. I help students develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a love for the subject.


Pasha is an expert. His concepts are clear, and his method of delivering lectures was amazing. I would recommend her.

Anastaslia Mark

I booked his sessions to complete my final economic project, and working with Pascha was great. We discussed many topics, and I learned a lot from him. Thank you for your time. Highly recommended.


He is a very efficient and polite teacher. I highly recommend

Female 25 Years
2 years of teaching
Expert in English, Dept : Dept of English at MTS.
Qualification : BSc Teaching English

BSc Teaching English


I have learned a lot in my academic life and am highly passionate and enthusiastic about imparting my knowledge to students. Confident, qualified, professional tutor with expertise in teaching English to IGCSE, IB, AS, and A-Level students. I have taught students of all ages in both groups and individually.

Tutoring Approach

One cannot understand the language without knowing its basics and having complete command of its rules and exceptions. I provide one-on-one tutoring sessions and focus on developing all the four skills of language; reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Initially, I covered the basic weak areas of students and later covered everything in depth or detail. My tutoring approach has worked for all my students, and I am sure you will score the highest grades too. My private and online sessions timings depend on your availability. Whether you want to improve your daily speech or prepare for the English final exam, book a session now, I am always open to questions.


I worked on my English essay writing skills with her, and now I can cover any type of essay topic. Highly recommended.


I was stuck with English grammar rules, tenses, essay writing assignments, sentence completion, and whatnot. Aishah taught everything in a very clear and easy-to-understand way. I learned and improved a lot. She is the extremely fantastic English tutor I have ever had and highly recommended, and looking forward to taking her more sessions.


With a part-time job and strict school deadlines, I missed many sessions, but Aishah was super nice to manage with me. We covered the syllabus on time, and my final exam went better than expected. Couldn’t thank her enough, highly recommended as a great tutor

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