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Educator vs Teacher: What Is The Difference?

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Educator vs Teacher: What Is The Difference?

Teacher - Educator; two words that we think are synonyms and have the same meaning. However, let us give you a reality check; these two words are completely different and have their own separate meanings. The differences between these two words are very subtle, but significant too.

So, are you someone curious about the educator vs teacher debate and want to know more about the difference between a teacher and an educator? Don't worry. As always, we are here to answer all your questions! Below, we are sharing all the key and random differences between an educator and a teacher. But first, let us closely look at what these two terms mean. Keep Reading, it will get interesting!

Who Is An Educator?

An educator is someone who educates others by giving them instructions and knowledge. Educators are usually known as mentors, trainers, and instructors. With that being said, an educator is not limited to one subject only. In fact, an educator educates more about social instructions and growth, morals, behaviors, and intellect. Educators also focus more on the evaluation and development skills of students instead of just teaching them. Moreover, a person can become an educator without even being a teacher. For example, your parents and siblings can be your first educators, even before you start going to school or any other institute.

Who Is A Teacher?

While on the other hand, a teacher teaches students certain specific subjects by sitting in a permanent position. Moreover, being a teacher is a paid job and profession, and it requires a certain level of qualification, training, and experience. For example, a math teacher teaches equations, a science teacher teaches theories, and an English teacher teaches grammar and literature. A teacher focuses on studies, curriculums, syllabus, assessments, and exams. Their main concern is only the academic life of the students and nothing else. Moreover, a teacher is mainly responsible for giving primary and secondary education to students. If you move to the tertiary sectors, the title of teachers will turn into professors or lecturers. However, a dedicated and good teacher can also become an educator for students.

Educator vs Teacher - Key Difference

There are many differences between a teacher and an educator; however, do you know about the most prominent feature of them all? No worries, we will tell you!

A teacher is just a job title that teaches specific, certified, and specialized subjects in schools or other institutions. In short, teachers in a teaching job only provide students with theoretical knowledge.
While on the other hand, an educator is a person who educates students, tells them about good behavior, and shows them what is right and wrong. Focus educator focuses on giving social and moral instructions to students.

Now that you know about the key and main difference between a teacher and a student, let us go ahead and take a glance at other differences!
Other Differences Between An Educator And A Teacher
Apart from the key factor, here are some other factors that differentiate an educator from a teacher:

1. Definition

Definition of Teacher: Teacher is basically a permanent position and job title at a school or other educational institutes. They give lessons, assess the knowledge of students in those lessons, and take exams.
Definition of Educator: Educator is a person who focuses on non-theoretical knowledge and educates children or students about ethical, moral, intellectual, and social values.

2. Interrelation

Educators are a more skilled and enhanced version of teachers.
All teachers can not become educators. However, some good teachers can become educators.

3. Educate vs Teach

Educators educate students.
Teachers teach students specific subjects.

4. Focus

Educators focus on the development, skills, progress, and behavioral skills of the students.
Teachers focus on theories, knowledge, curriculums, syllabus, and assessments.

5. Qualifications

An educator usually don't and should not have any high or little qualifications.
Teachers should be qualified and trained enough to teach their designated subjects and grades.


All in all, teacher and educator are two different terms. All teachers can not become educators. However, educators are natural teachers, even without any high qualifications and training. We hope that this post made all your doubts clear. At MTS, we have both educators and teachers to provide students with all the help they might in their careers and personal and academic lives. So, what are you waiting for? Your private tutor is just a click away!

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