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Good Headsets for Tutors and Students

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Good Headsets for Tutors and Students
During an online tutoring session, one of the most important things is clear and uninterrupted communication. If the mode of communication isn’t so clear, the tutoring session might not be as successful as it should have been. There will be no concentration from either side, and without proper focus, neither can the lecture be rightly delivered nor will it be understood properly.

In order to ensure that being a private tutor, you have a clear and better tutoring session, here we have listed below some of the high-quality and easy-to-use headsets, along with our reviews of the headsets.

Qualities of a good headset

If a headset has certain qualities, it can be labeled as a good headset. Let’s talk about some qualities that make a good headset.

Qualities of a good headset


If you want to experience good quality sound from your headset, you need to make sure there are good drivers in it. The driver is the main component of a headset. It is composed mainly of the wire or coil, magnets, and the diaphragm.

Drivers are mainly responsible for the production of sound that we hear through our headsets. All the other components of a driver tend to create vibration in the diaphragm. These vibrations are responsible for the sound production that we hear.

If the drivers are not good in the headset, there won’t be good vibration in the diaphragm. Hence the sound being produced will have poor quality.

The diameter of the driver is also important because it is generally assumed that a headset driver having a bigger diameter has better sound quality than a driver having a smaller diameter.

Sound sensitivity

This refers to the quality of the headset by which it turns the electrical signals into audible sounds. The more efficiently a headset converts signal, the better sensitivity it has. The loudness of a headset is determined by the sensitivity of the headset.

In this way, it is determined how loud the headset will go or how loudly it will bring in the converted signal to the ears.

The sensitivity of a headset is usually measured in decibels (dB) so that the sound level or loudness can be stated in a logical manner.

For instance, if the sound range for a particular headset lies between 85 dB to 120 dB, then 120 dB is the maximum loudness of the headset. Keeping the volume close to this can have a damaging effect on the ears, so it is advised to keep it lower.

In this way, the sensitivity of a headset is important to determine the volume levels of it.


This is the measure of the resistance present in the headset. Since resistance is defined by the measure of ohms, the impedance is described by the measure of ohms as well. The more resistance present in the headset, the more force it will take for the headset to drive the sound. The impedance is regulated in the headset based on the nature of the object being used. In mobile phones, the impedance is kept low, so the resistance would be less. On the other hand, if we are using some high-quality headsets, they can have a higher impedance in contrast.

Although low impedance headsets use lesser voltages, the force or current effect needed to convert signals into sound is much higher. So it is important to choose the headset that matches with the right device that they are being used on. If we are using a headset with low impedance on a high-quality device or a headset with high impedance on a small device like a smartphone, it can cause disruptions in the sound quality.

Frequency response

Measured in Hertz (Hz), the frequency response of a headset is used to determine the amount of sound frequencies being produced by the headset.

The range usually has two indicating numbers. The high ranger number refers to the high notes being produced by the headset, and this is also sometimes called bright. On the other hand, the dark or the lower range number refers to the bass being produced by the headset.

The normal frequency range for humans lies between 20 Hz to 20k Hz. Usually, this same frequency range is used in headsets as well.

Based on your use of headphones, you should check whether you need to get a headset with a low-frequency response or one with a high-frequency response.

Noise-canceling effect

The noise-canceling effect in headsets ensures that no unwanted sound enters the headset, and you can do your work peacefully without any interference. The noise cancellation does not work on kinds of frequencies. Depending on the type of headset, the canceling effect usually cancels out sounds with lower frequencies, but it does not fully cancel out high frequency sounds like the loud talking or crying person because the human vocals relatively have high frequencies.

Our picks for good headsets

Whether you are a student learning online or a tutor teaching online, you will need a good set of headsets for a clear session.

Here are some of the headsets that we found to be good for tutoring purposes.

Logitech H340 wired USB headphone with noise-canceling mic

This headset offers a simple configuration in the way that there is no need to install a particular software for the working of the headset. You simply need to plug the USB into your computer or your laptop. The digital stereo sound makes the sound ideally clear for the skype calls.

One of the best features of this headset is the noise-canceling mic that allows minimized background sound during your session.

It’s easy to carry since it’s lightweight and offers rather easy mic adjustments while working, as you don’t want to deal with complicated headsets. Hence this headset is perfect if you are looking for an easy to use but high-quality headset.

Logitech H340 wired USB headphone

Logitech H151 wired headset with noise-cancellation

During a long tutoring session, you are going to need the element of comfort. This headset is perfect for this as it comes with comfortable cushion ears. The rotating mic lets you decide whether you want the mic to be on the left side of the face or the right side. The stereo sound offers crystal clear voices from both sides and cancels out the other sounds in the background with the noise-canceling mic.

So if you are looking for a simple-to-operate headset with highly clear voice quality, this one is a perfect choice for you.

Logitech H151 wired headset with noise cancellation

EKSA H12 headphones with microphones

The perfect headset offers a noise-canceling effect with an easily adjustable microphone. We definitely recommend the memory cushion feature embedded in this headset that comes to fit your ears perfectly so that your session moves forward with ultimate comfort.

The call control buttons are right there on the headset so that there is no interruption while managing the call. These headphones can easily be plugged into your laptop or mobile phone with ultimately clear voice quality on both devices.

This headset is for you if you want HD voice calling during your tutoring session with easy call adjustment methods.

EKSA H12 headphones with microphones

Zeb-envy wireless headphones

If you are tired of carrying around the wire with you every time you start your tutoring session, then these Bluetooth headphones are the perfect choice for you. With an ideal frequency response, this headset offers a longer charging time, so you won’t have to worry about the battery running out immediately before the completion of your session.

The microphone in this headphone is detachable, so it can easily be used for other purposes as well, like listening to music.

If you are someone who prefers wireless headphones over wired ones, this one might be a good choice for you.