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How to Improve your English Speaking Skills: 11 Expert Ways

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How to Improve your English Speaking Skills: 11 Expert Ways
English has become one of the most important and common languages for communication globally. Whether academics or work, you will need to learn English as the basic mode of communication for it, especially if you are not a native speaker. And that is not too bad either. Like imagine, now people from different ethnicities and cultures can sit down and have a conversation, just because of English.

Learning English and its basic grammar rules is one thing, but speaking it is something else. Learning is easy, but speaking and communicating perfectly with a native English speaker is tough but not impossible. All you need is a perfect accent, flow, and fluency.

So, are you looking for ways to improve your English speaking skills? We will share 11 expert ways to improve your English speaking skills. Keep Reading; you will want to thank us later!

1. Increase your Vocabulary

The first and most important thing you need to improve your English speaking skills is a top-notch vocabulary! The wider your vocabulary is, the better will be your fluency. Therefore, try to learn new words every day, or at least one word a day.

Not only words but try to learn new phrases. You can take the help of dictionaries, movies, books, and songs. These things will help you come across new words, phrases, and how they are used. Just note down all those words in a notepad with their meaning, so you don’t forget.

2. Work on your Pronunciation

Learning new words would not be beneficial if you don’t know how to say them. Sometimes you know the word, but you fail to pronounce it correctly. Eventually, if you are not pronouncing it right, people will be unable to understand you. So, work on your pronunciation the same way as vocabulary.

If you come across a word and are unsure how to pronounce it, various online dictionaries will play the audio for you. If you are not willing to go for online dictionaries, you can simply search the word on YouTube to listen to its pronunciation.

3. Read English Books/Novels

Reading Books or Novels in English is a great way to increase your vocabulary, comprehension, and, most importantly, speaking skills. How? Because your inner voice narrates what you are reading. And while narrating, you are trying to pronounce all the words.

The words that come across while reading stays in your mind, and you can use them later when you are speaking or talking in English. You will also know how to use those words to have a conversation confidently and without any hesitation.

4. Watch English Movies

Next, try to watch movies, documentaries, and series in English. Watching these things will help you understand the language, what kind of accent it requires, and how to pronounce certain words and phrases.

Moreover, you will know the intensity of the words, the feeling behind each word, and where to use them. Experts from all over the world suggest exposing yourselves to a full-length English movie at least once a week to improve your speaking skills.

5. Watch English News

Engage yourself with English-language news as much as you can. Read newspapers, tabloids, and magazines. Instead of watching news channels of your native language, opt for English news channels.

Doing this will keep you up-to-date with current news and affairs while providing you with a huge opportunity to learn new words, phrases, and pronunciation. You will also know how to use certain words in conversational and formal form.

6. Start Journalling in English

Have you ever heard of the saying, “A journal is a man’s best friend.”? Well, it is true, specifically in the case of improving your English speaking skills. Your journal will be your private thing, and nobody will be able to see what you write. So just write anything you want without worrying about making mistakes.

You can write about your daily routine, something good or bad that happened, etc. The more you write, the more you will know how to structure your phrases, what words to use, and when. Moreover, as you write, your mind narrates, which helps in improving your speaking skills.


7. Find a Learning Buddy

It would be great if you found a learning mate or buddy to help you go through the whole process. This person can be someone who is also willing to improve their English speaking skills. You both can learn and practice together, find each other’s mistakes and try to improve them.

If you can’t find someone willing to learn, look for someone you trust and are comfortable with. You can conversate with that person in English while maintaining a comfort level and confidence. Also, this will be a great practice for you to improve your English speaking skills.

8. Self-Talk

Trust me; nobody can help you learn better than yourself. Therefore, talk to yourself in English as much as possible, and do that loudly! For example, “I need to go get myself a glass of water” or “Where is my book?”. If you are thinking, you should think in English too.

Trust me; doing this will improve your speaking skills while making you more fluent in them. It would be best if you recorded yourself too while talking. When you do that, listen carefully to your recording to see if there are any pronunciation mistakes or fluency issues.

9. Talk with Siri in English

If you have an iPhone, then you already have a practicing buddy. Yes… Siri! Siri is a robot, and we know that. But it is a great tool for practicing to speak more clearly, precisely, and accurately. Also, she will never judge you, even if you are saying something wrong.

You can ask her questions; these questions can include weather, time, geographical queries, or anything else you want to. The best part, Siri will always be available for you whenever you need it. All you need to do is press the Home button!

10. Take Online Classes

If you think that you cannot go through the whole process alone, you can always opt for online classes with a professional tutor. They will help you in learning all the basics, make you understand things better than anyone else can while improving your skills with their expertise.

Moreover, your tutor may ask you to speak in English all the time, so don’t stress over that. They just want you to be fluent, and trust me, practice is what makes a man perfect!

11. Speak, Speak, and Speak!

Last but not least, speak and talk in English, and keep speaking it! The more you speak, the more you will improve. Now obviously, nobody will transfer fluency, phrases, and words in your brain, right? You have to practice speaking. You can practice with your pets, friends, or even pets.

If you are a little more confident, you can practice by going and speaking in public events like TEDx talk or TEDx, participating in speech or debate competitions, etc. You can also sing back with English songs and mimic the singer’s accent and words.

Final Words

Studying and speaking English is important in today’s world, but don’t take it as a burden. It is a fun language, and treat it as an enjoyable task.

Also, don’t try to learn everything in just one day. Instead, give yourself time, stay determined & focused, and progress little by little. After you complete your suitable learning time with determination, we are sure you will nail your English speaking skills.

Because slow and steady always wins the race!

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