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Taking 2 Exams In One Day? Here Is How To Manage!

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Taking 2 Exams In One Day? Here Is How To Manage!

Exam season is the stress of its own, and do you know what makes it more stressful and devastating? Taking and juggling two exams in one day! I mean imagine, you check your schedule and see you have not one, but two exams on Thursday. Frustrating, right? We know; we have been in the same situation once.

This happens every year, and the students go through a rollercoaster of stress and anxiety each time. However, trust me; it is not the end of the world. You can easily manage and juggle two exams in one day; if you think and act wisely.

So, are you a student with twin exams coming up? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Just follow the 6 tips we are mentioning below and see all your problems vanishing away. Keep Reading, it will get interesting!

1. Panic, But Not Too Much!

Two exams in one day are definitely going to make you panic with an overwhelming feeling, and that’s a good thing too. You should not be overconfident. However, don’t let the panic take over you. Take a deep breath and think about the positive side of things; you will be able to get done with two exams in one day. Also, you will have nothing to be afraid of if you complete your syllabus and revision in time. So, don’t stress much and nail both of your exams with peace and confidence.

2. Put An Exam Calendar On Your Desk!

Always make sure to make an exam calendar during exam season, and put it on your desk or on your wall. Mention all your exam times, and start and end dates on the calendar. This calendar will always remind you of the exam schedule, and how and when you need to revise. Moreover, watching this calendar everyday will remind you that exams are temporary, and you will get back to the normal and happy life soon.

3. Organize Your Time

You need to organize your time and learn a little bit of time management if you have two exams coming up in one day. First, you need to figure out which of the two subjects is trickier and complex. After figuring that out, make sure to start the revision early enough that you don’t panic during your exams.Make a revision timetable and and wisely organize it. Give more time to the subject you find difficult, and revise it as much as you can. Completing your revision and doubts in time will make you more confident about taking two exams in one day.

4. Relax

We know that exam season can be stressful and hard, but that doesn’t mean you drown yourself in the constant anxiety. Trust me; a tired mind will never help you in juggling two exams in one day. Being students, you need some time off from your studies to calm your mind. The best thing to do this is study, but take out time for yourself too. Take short breaks in between studies to relax your mind. You can watch a show or movie, take a hot bath, or listen to your favorite music during these breaks. Doing this will help you take off your mind from the stress, and start studying again with loads of motivation and attention.

5. Night Before The Exams

The night before you have two exams can be hard; you are stressed and you want to keep revising so you won’t forget anything. However, this is not the right thing to do. Try not to study the evening and night before your two exams. Instead, try to complete all the revision before that. Go meet friends that night, exercise, or whatever you enjoy doing. Not studying the night before exams will help you wake up with a relaxed mind in the morning, and you will be able to take the exams more efficiently.

6. On The Day

Now comes the day when you have two exams! On this day, you need to keep your stress levels down and avoid last-minute cramming at all costs. Last minute cramming can confuse all the concepts and mess up all the concepts in your mind. Moreover, cramming can make you more anxious and stressed about how you are going to perform in your exams. Also, make sure to eat proper breakfast before leaving for the examination hall and have lunch during your break between the two exams. A happy tummy will surely help you perform well.

Final Words

We understand that exams are hard, especially when you have two in one day. Panicking during this situation is normal, but if you follow the 6 tips we mentioned above, we promise you will ace both of your exams.

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