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Tips to improve grammar and vocabulary

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Tips to improve grammar and vocabulary
Grammar can be a bit tricky sometimes, especially because the wrong use of grammar can alter the whole meaning of a sentence. Let’s take a look at an example to demonstrate the right use of grammar

  • Let’s eat, kids.
  • Let’s eat kids.
In the above-mentioned example, only the use of a simple comma has changed the whole context of the sentence and turned it from a cute little sentence to a horrific impression.

By now, we have established the importance of correctly used grammar. Let’s discuss some ways that can help you improve your grammar skills.

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How to improve your grammar skills

If you are planning to work on your grammar skills for improvement, we are here to make sure that you are doing it right!

Here are some essential tips that can help you to improve your grammar skills.

Know the role of parts of speech

The basic rule of grammar is to put similar categories of words in particular groups. This grouping helps to easily sort out the descriptions of all words and how they will be used in certain situations. Based on their types and uses, the parts of speech have been categorized into almost 8 groups as mentioned below:

NOUN: it is the basic element that usually forms up a sentence. This is used to denote the names of a being, place, thing, or feeling. Such as dogs or bottles.

VERB: this is used to describe the state or action involving the noun as to what they are doing. Such as running or singing.

ADJECTIVES: these are used to demonstrate the quality or certain characteristics of the noun. Such as brave or loud.

PRONOUN: this is used as a replacement for the noun, such as he, she, it, or they.

ADVERB: these are usually used to bring modification to the verb, and most of the time, it ends the word with ly. Such as slowly or rapidly.

PREPOSITION: this is used to connect nouns or verbs together to show a particular relation in the sentence. Such as, She went TO the park.

CONJUNCTIONS: these are used to connect two sentences together. Such as, I went to school AND searched for my friend, BUT he was absent.

INTERJECTIONS: these are usually used to represent some kind of emotion with small words. Such as oh! Yes!.

It’s important to know the proper use of these parts of speech so that you can rightly put together a sentence. While writing a sentence, determine which word falls in which group of parts of speech.

parts of speech in grammar

Correct use of punctuation

To convey the right meaning of the sentence, it is important to use punctuation correctly in the sentence. The punctuation involves all the spacing, commas, full stops, question marks, and much more. These very tiny elements have the power to change the meaning of the sentence, as mentioned in the example at the beginning.

If you are writing a sentence, make sure that you have added the right punctuation at the right place.


Read more often

One of the best tricks to improve toys grammar is to read on a regular basis. From the children’s book around you to the website blogs, you can find reading material anywhere. Reading helps you enhance your vocabulary and allows you to find mistakes in your own grammar.

Here are some of the reading materials that you can use to improve your grammar skills:



Newspapers are quite interesting to read. While you get to know about what’s happening all over the world, it is a source for you to improve your grammar. The reading material in a newspaper has good use of grammatical elements in it that you can learn from.

Some famous newspapers you can read include The new york times, The Independent, and The Sunday Times.

Novels or books

If you are looking for a fun way to improve your vocabulary and grammar, then books are the perfect solution for you. You can opt for any book that catches your interest. It could be a fictional book, motivational book or an autobiography, etc. reading a novel or book not only helps you to spend your leisure time in a fun way, but it can be a good source of improving vocabulary for you.

If you come across a word that you have read for the first time, you can look it up and write down the meaning along with the word.

In this way, you can do a vocabulary hunt while reading something interesting.

A fun way to improve your vocabulary, right?

Product labels

At the backside of a product packaging, there is a detailed description of the product. Develop a habit of reading random product labels at the back. This can help in two ways by enhancing your vocabulary and giving you updated information on general products at the same time.

You can read the descriptions of many available products such as milk boxes, cereal, mobile packaging, movie tickets, and so much more.


Do you like to read some good verses of poetry from time to time? Well, it’s time that you turn into a habit. Poetry is a communicable form of art that helps you understand the emotions of the poet. At the same time, it helps you improve your grammar and vocabulary with the help of the updated use of words and vocabulary.


Magazines are filled with different types of content ranging from sports to entertainment and more. You can find magazines related to your likings and interests where you will be able to read about the things you like, and at the same time, it will allow you to improve your vocabulary and grammar.

Participate in grammar-related activities

There are many grammar-improving activities that you can benefit from. Either on online platforms or real-life activities, there are several activity examples that offer participation opportunities to those who wish to upgrade their grammar.

There are many riddles and games online or in magazines, which you can participate in on a regular basis to bring improvement to your grammar and vocabulary.

grammar activities

Write and read out aloud.

Try to develop this habit that whenever you are writing or reading something, do it aloud. Even if there is no one listening to it, read it to yourself.

There will be many points that will have you think about them, which won’t happen if you are reading silently. When you are reading silently, you won’t come across the important grammatical points because you will miss them in the silence. On the other hand, you can identify these critical points when you are reading out aloud.

read aloud

Listen more

As much as the reading factor is important in improving grammar, so is listening. It is important to listen and observe. For this, you have two ways to do this. Watch television shows like movies, documentaries, or news more often where you can listen and observe rather easily and while having fun. On the other hand, you can also do this in real life while listening to people while they are talking to you. Listen, observe and respond. This can help you gain more insight into the updated grammatical elements.


Importance of improving your grammar

From watching tv shows to communicating with the person sitting next to us, good use of grammar has widespread uses for us. Some of the major ways that grammar and vocabulary can have prominent impacts in our lives.

benefits of improving grammar

Academic excellence

Having good grammar and a vast vocabulary can help you gain academic excellence. Whether you are writing a college admission essay or writing your class assignment, having good grammar and vocabulary can convey a very good impression to the reader.

This is not only limited to the reading aspect. Even when you are talking, giving a presentation, or an interview, the more clear and correct grammatical elements you will use, the better impression it will have on the listener.

Transparent communication

Good grammar can help you gain clarity and transparency in your communication. Whether you are a student or belong to the working class, you will need a clear mode of communication with the people around you, so there are no misunderstandings being created owing to the wrongly used grammar.

People tend to listen to those more attentively who show that they know what they are talking about through the way they talk. That is achieved by having a transparent and clear way of talking.

Help in learning other languages

If you are planning on learning other languages, it is essential that you have a strong grip on your current language skills. This is only possible if you have mastered your grammar skills.

Once you know the way around your grammar and vocabulary, it will be easier for you to learn the other languages that you prefer.

A confident impression

A person tends to seem more confident when they know what they are talking about. Improving your grammar and vocabulary can help you gain a more confident persona, and people listening to you will get the impression that you are aware of what you are talking about. In this way, you can seem to appear more confident with the way you speak with good grammar in contrast to being less confident with a poor grammatical sense.

Diversified opportunities

The doors of opportunities increase when you have a stronger grip on your grammar and way of talking. Good grammar enables you to break many communication barriers, and it opens the doors of opportunities that might not open if you are not that good with grammatical structures.


In today’s world, it is highly important that you convey your message rightly in a clear way. This is only possible if you have a strong grip on your grammar skills. We have listed several ways through which you can start working on your grammatical skills today.

If you wish to gain ultimate excellency, our private English tutors will make sure that you are offered with the best guidance you need.

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