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What Challenges Make Tutoring Hard?

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why tutoring is hard

Tutoring is a challenging job; it comes with lots of challenges.

Even though it’s a good career option for many, many tutors face problems during their job. Where a tutor enjoys the perks of being his own boss, he also faces several challenges, which we will discuss in this article.

Most of these issues arise due to the students, e.g., laziness, lack of interest, non-serious behavior, kids with bad parenting, etc. Even the most professional and successful tutor goes through these struggles during his career.

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Lack Of Interest In Students

Lack of motivation among students is one of the biggest challenges for most tutors. Students lack motivation and interest due to several reasons. They may lack interest in studies because of other interests and goals in their mind. Those different goals may be social, physical, emotional, or academic. The tutor has to find out these and their usual cause to help the students with that first. Moreover, professional tutors make lectures productive and exciting and cover their courses in a way that motivates students.

Stressed And Anxious Students

Stressed and Anxious Students

There are several factors causing stress and anxiety in students. It may be due to the workload or sometimes because of some personal reasons. Students are the most anxious when they have plenty of school assignments and tests. But they do not have enough time to complete them. On the other hand, they get to attend their tutors, which causes them more stress. It happens because students lack organization, and this thing affects their performance. They need to gain organizational skills to manage and complete school assignments efficiently. Stress also occurs when students are not getting enough sleep and a proper healthy diet. It is also a common challenge for tutors that they face while tutoring. The tutor can help students by timely addressing specific causes and becoming more creative to make the learning fun.

Lazy Students

Laziness is the most common factor and the main reason for everyone’s failure. You are a top learner, have an excellent memory, and have exceptional writing skills. But all that is entirely useless if you are lazy. Some students are so lazy that they lack any interest and motivation for learning. It is also possible that such students have poor prior knowledge, skills, and understanding. In that case, the tutor has to deal with the students individually and help them build their basic concepts. The tutor can also use the reward system for such students to encourage them to work energetically. This reward will be in the form of participation in some fun activities. Through this, students feel a sense of accomplishment after completing their work. The tutor can also make learning fun and show enthusiasm for students' performance during the lecture. Also, he can guide the students on how to be productive, manage their time effectively, and study smarter, not harder.

Parents Pressure

Parents Pressure

Many students have parental pressure, which is also one of the causes of mental illnesses among them. It is the biggest challenge that students face during their academic years. Students under high parental pressure focus only on getting higher scores but need help understanding and grasping the concepts. It also affects their learning capabilities badly and self-confidence. Furthermore, such students also need help understanding some tricky topics or ideas. In that case, tutors can update parents regarding students' performance and progress to ease their unnecessary stress and tension. They can also help the parents by counseling them on how to put less pressure on their kids. The tutor can encourage, appreciate and provide support to the students to make them improve their performance. It will also help the students to gain more self-confidence and go on with their educational journey expectantly.

Slow Learners

It is among one the challenges that tutors face when dealing with students. The tutor deals with average, below-average, and slow learners during their work. Such students are not disabled or incapable of everything. If they are slow learners and not taking an interest or good in studies, then it means that they are good at something else that they like. Tutors can help such students by making learning easy and fun for them so that they enjoy it. By doing this, they can help students with their learning capabilities and make tutoring-learning more effective.

Impudent Students

Impudent Students

Dealing with students with bad behavior is another challenge tutors face. Such students require special attention from tutors as well as parents. It might be due to some personal issues causing negative student behaviors. The tutor finds the student with such cases, helps them accordingly, and solves their problems. It is one of the cases where a tutor can directly talk to the parents to improve students' behavior. After they get to the best solution, the tutor can start his work peacefully.

Very High Parents' Expectations

High parents' expectations affect students’ mental health and the tutor's job. It does more harm than good to the students. It does not allow tutors to work independently, in their way, as they are constantly interrupted by parents. Tutors teach students at their own pace and way and according to students' mental capabilities. But parents with high expectations want to take hold and handle everything according to their way. They want their kids to learn according to their level without knowing their intellectual level. This attitude of parents also hurts students’ self-confidence and academic performance.

On A Final Note

It requires tons of patience to be a good tutor. You come across students of every kind. In the beginning, it will be difficult for new tutors to understand and affiliate with the new tutees. But after some time, they will get used to it. They will appreciate matters, intellectual levels, and problems of every student. Understanding tutees will also make the tutor’s work feasible and smooth so they can focus on their work.

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