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101 Heart-Warming Thank You Message For Teachers

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thank you message for teacher

Teaching is the only profession that is responsible for shaping everyone's lives. It is due to the hard work and dedication of teachers that help everyone to reach their life goals. We can call them mentors, instructors, and educators; some even call them heroes. 

They deserve the most respect and appreciation for all they do to help us walk on the challenging paths of life. A great teacher inspires everyone and leaves a significant impact on their lives.

Teaching is the highest form of understanding.


Every student should express respect and gratitude towards their teachers for their significant efforts. It can be in the form of a thank you note or message to make them know that they are noticed and appreciated. Given below are 101 heartwarming thank you messages for all the respected teachers:

George Bernard Shaw

1. Teacher, you always believed in me even when I didn’t. Thank you for helping me through this year of school. I couldn’t have done it without you.

2. Dear Teacher, Thank you for being strict and monitoring my work and facts so I evolved into the best version of myself.

3. Thank you for all that you do. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. You’re appreciated!

4. You have a way of seeing right through me and knowing when something is wrong. I always knew that you cared for me and that I could go to you with my problems. You always had time for me. I am fortunate to have had you in my life. You are an exceptional teacher and an exceptional person. Thank you.

5.  Dear Teacher, you believed in me and gave me wings to soar, and I galloped to success. Now I am basking in success and glory all because of you. Nothing in the world can repay all the efforts you put into me. Still, a very big Thank you.

6. Teaching a child to navigate life is a true teacher’s gift. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.

Henry B. Adams

7. You’ve encouraged us to grow as students, and you’ve remembered we are also growing people, delivering your instruction with love, warmth, and caring. Thank you!

8. Thank you for being the best teacher in the world. You inspired a love for learning and made me feel like I could ask anything. You always had the patience for my questions and knew just how to explain the answers. My fond memories of my time in your classroom will last a lifetime.

9. Thank you, Teacher, for successfully making a positive impact on the class. You will always be missed.

10. Thank you for always taking the time to thoroughly review the lessons and make learning so much fun. I’m thrilled I had you as my teacher!

Robert M. Hutchins

11. Thank you for seeing the good in every one of your students. You are appreciated!

12. As I am moving up, much of my success comes from how you supported me when I was your student. I am so lucky that you spent so much extra time helping me.

13. You’ve been such a pivotal figure in my life. You’ve not only educated me, but you set me up for a life of success. Thank you so much!

14. You have always guided and shown me the right path to success. Thank you, teacher, you are the best.

15. You teach with passion, dedication, and energy that captivates every student. Thank you, Teacher!

16. For all the hard work and continued efforts that you have made in my education, I will always be thankful. You’ve accomplished the impossible and made my classroom experience educational and fun! You, indeed, are the most outstanding teacher ever. Thank you!

17. This is the year I started to care about learning; you were the most significant reason my attitude changed. I’ll never forget you. Thank you!

18. Your patience is second to none! I had so much trouble with some of the problematic parts of class this year, but you stuck by me and had faith that I’ll get there in the end. Thank you!

19. Dear Teacher, Thank you for challenging me to do my best and instilling a passion for learning to excel. I will be ever grateful to you.

20. I don’t know if I’ll ever have another teacher like you, someone with endless patience and enthusiasm. Your lessons will always be remembered fondly by me.

Lady Bird Johnson

21. We’re lucky to have a teacher like you who makes learning so much fun. Thanks for all of the extraordinary things you do!

22. The world needs s’more great teachers like you! You’ve made this school year a whole lot sweeter. Thank you!

23. Thank you, Dear Teacher, for encouraging me when things seemed impossible, mentoring me when I was lost, and strengthening my confidence when no one was there. My heartfelt gratitude for letting you know that you are always on my mind for eternity.

24. My future is brighter and more transparent because of all you’ve done for me. Thank you for being such a supportive teacher.

25. You have taught me a vast number of invaluable things. You have kept a cool head and a warm heart through obstacles and difficult days. Meeting a person like you is rare, let alone having the privilege of them being your teacher! Thank you, honestly and sincerely.

26. Thank you, dear Teacher, for all the simple and kind gestures you gave me to get me out of my shell. Your welcoming presence, the lovely smile did wonders for me. Thank you for all that you give students every day.

27. It’s a gift to be taught by a teacher as understanding as you. You know how we feel, and we can’t thank you enough for your patience.

28. Dear teacher, Thank you for inspiring, caring, listening, guiding, and shaping our future. You are, without a doubt, the BEST TEACHER of all time, in the history of ever.

B.B. King

29. Even when you were busy or stressed, you never gave up on me, and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you for being such a remarkable mentor!

30. Respected Sir, I owe you my sincere gratitude for being the most considerable positive influence in my life! Thanks!

31. Thank you to a fabulous teacher, an actual role model who continues to inspire me and will always be there for me.

32. Madam, thank you for always encouraging my ideas and inspiring me to thrive for knowledge! Your guidance is unparalleled in my life!

33. I have seldom had the opportunity to have such an incredible role model as you. You have reliably been my source of knowledge, inspiration, and stability. I cannot thank you enough for all the marvelous things you have taught me! You have been such a gift in my life.

34. Dear Teacher, Thank you for never giving up on me despite my rude, pathetic behavior, for treating me kindly, and for not letting me give up on myself. When I look back, you are one of the people I need to thank for your difference, but you made a significant difference.

35. Thank you for being such an exceptional teacher. You went out of your way to ensure I understood all the lessons, and I’m thrilled you took the extra time for me!

36. From your teaching in our classroom to all the papers you correct, You’ve given every effort, and you’ve earned my deep respect. Thank you for a great year!

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

37. I am so glad I will have the memories we have created together in the classroom for the rest of my life. I hope we can repeat the year so we can make more. Thank you for being the best teacher this year!

38. You are more than a teacher to me. You have been a wonderful mentor and a fantastic companion for me. I feel grateful for having such an excellent teacher. Thank you for everything!

39. Dear Teacher, I had a hard time with my mathematics lessons. Had you not taken the time and helped me after school hours, I couldn’t have made it. Thank you for being an incredible teacher.

40. The most important lesson you taught me was simple: to believe in me. I can now say that thanks to you, I do.

41. Dear Teacher, your wisdom has helped shape my learnings, as your words have impacted me. Thank you for being a great mentor!

42. When I look back on my education, I know I will remember you as my favorite teacher. You’ve inspired me in more ways than you know.

43. Under your guidance, I’ve become a better student and a better child, sibling, and friend. Thank you for helping me grow.

44. Dear Teacher, you are not just a Teacher but a great friend, guide, and philosopher, all molded into one. Thank you for your magical, frolicky, and exciting classes.

45. To my favourite teacher, you’ve not only helped me achieve good grades, but you’ve helped me achieve my dreams as well. Thank you so much for your guidance this year.

46. Dear teacher, you always teach the lessons in innovative and exciting ways. I appreciate your efforts!

47. Thank you, teacher, for activating curiosity, knowledge, and new visions into our lives. Without your guidance, life could not have been this blissful. Thank you so much!

48. You’ve given me the strength necessary to face the world. I am so grateful for everything you’ve taught me.

49. Teacher, you are the true light bearer of this generation. Thank you for your ceaseless dedication!

50. I feel like I’m so confident now, and I realize it’s because you have confidence in me. Thank you for helping me realize my potential!

51. You have inspired me now and will continue to inspire me in the future. Thank you to a perfect teacher!

52. I have been one of the luckiest students on this earth to have had you as my phenomenal teacher! I thank you with all my heart. I wish you the absolute best, and I will never forget you!

53. Great inventors, leaders, and revolutionaries are not born. They are motivated and inspired to do great things by teachers like you. Thank you for being my anchor.

54. Your dedication, care, and thoughtfulness greatly impacted our lives in such a short time. Thank you for an unforgettable year of class!

55. You’re not just a teacher for the school, but a teacher for life. I have learned so many things from you that will guide me always. Thank you.

56. The best things you have taught me were not in the curriculum but in the example, you have set. Your confidence, determination, and excellence are all qualities that I someday hope to have.

57. Thank you, teacher, for your extraordinary patience and effort toward your students. Thank you for being their inspiration and guide. We appreciate you so much.

58. Thank you for celebrating my accomplishments this past year and making me feel like a superstar. I always felt so happy when you were proud of me. You will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for being my teacher.

59. A genuinely fantastic teacher is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget. Thank you for building me, dear Teacher. The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.

60. You will be in my heart and the hearts of all your students in the coming years. You’ve made such an impact on all our lives, and we thank you for that.


61. You work so hard, and I want to ensure your work doesn’t go unnoticed. You’re a phenomenal teacher, and I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from someone as talented as you.

62. You are an example to other teachers with your undying patience, kindness, and hope for every single one of us. Thank you for all you do!

63. Thanks to the world’s best teacher. You’re a precious gem in person, and I like you the most.

64. You expected me to succeed, and this motivated me to keep trying until I did. You set the bar high, and I learned more than I thought I could. You taught me that I am wiser than I thought and that failure is okay if I pick myself up and try again. Thank you for believing in me.

65. Dear Teacher, your unique guidance and methods urge me to excel in all I do. Thank you for inspiring me.

66. Your class was my favorite. Thank you for understanding and taking the extra time to explain things in detail. I was so lucky to have you as a teacher!

67. Congratulations on Teachers’ Day! Thank you for always being a source of genuine encouragement and motivation for the student.

68. For Every topic you teach, you make it exciting and engaging. I never thought I could have this much fun learning! Thank you for all the hard work you do!

69. I feel so lucky to have had a teacher like you. Thank you for helping me to express my creative side and come out of my shell. You have given me priceless confidence!

Brad Henry

70. Dear teacher, Thank you for inspiring, caring, listening, guiding, and shaping our future. You are, without a doubt, the BEST TEACHER of all time, in the history of ever.

71. You made class such a fun place to be, but you also made sure we settled down when we had to focus on a lesson. I am so thrilled that I had a teacher like you!

72. I want to express my gratitude and my admiration toward you. Thank you for always being humble and respectful, even to your students. You inspire me. Thanks for your efforts!

73. Every time I reach one of my goals, I will think of you and all you taught me with a heart full of gratitude. Thank you so much!

74. This is a quick note to let you know you were the best teacher I’ve ever had! You motivated and inspired me to do my best, and your answers to my questions were always evident. Thank you so much!!!

75. Great Teachers never try to be the best teachers. They simply bring out the best in their students. You are one, and I want you to know this. Thank you for everything.

76. I’m forever grateful for your unyielding support and endless patience with me! Thank you for teaching with care, compassion, and love!

77. You’ve always had high expectations for me, but I know it’s because you understood my potential, even when I didn’t. Thank you for having faith in me.

78. The best lessons are not learned from a book but from the hearts of truly great teachers like you. I’m grateful for the vital school and life lessons you taught me. Thank you for caring about my future.

79. You did more than prepare me academically; you prepared me for life. Thank you for all of the lessons you’ve taught me. I will remember them and you forever. Thank you, teacher.

80. Dear teacher, Thank you for sharing your priceless gifts of treasure, time, and talent. Without your relentless efforts, we wouldn’t have been what we are today. I can’t find words that would justify our gratitude.

81. You’re an inspiration to students and other teachers alike. You’ve activated a hunger for knowledge and wisdom, inspiring me to plan my future and become a better individual. Thanks for everything.

82. A good teacher doesn’t just shape your academic life, but they shape the person you will become too. Thank you for helping me be a better person.

83. Your classes are just so inspirational! I’ve never had a teacher like you, and I’m so thankful every day!

84. I feel so fortunate to have a teacher who shows all of the care, understanding, and patience that you do. Thank you for everything.

Albert Einstein

85. I feel so fortunate to have been placed in your class. You have amazed and inspired me daily, and I am thankful you are an excellent teacher.

86. You’re a teacher who inspired me to think outside the box, outside the classroom, and into the future. All my successes will be credited to you.

87. I may not have always shown it, but I’m grateful to have had such an excellent teacher like you. Thank you for your shared wisdom and for setting a great example.

88. A teacher is a guide and a compass. You’ve shown me the path to success and walked with me along the way. Your high expectations in the classroom have helped give me confidence in myself. Thanks so much for all you’ve done.

89. Thank you, Teacher, for educating, advising, guiding, and letting me breathe easy through my topsy-turvy years. Thank you for being a flawless teacher.

90. I had many ways to get to my destination, but you showed me the right one. Only a wise teacher can do that. I am thankful to you!

91. You are a shining light in my life – someone who guided me when I was in darkness. Thank you for being a confidant, mentor, and friend.

92. Teaching must be rewarding because you are always smiling, energetic, and ready to start a new day. Your charisma gives me the strength to persevere. Thank you so much!

93. You pushed me to limits because you knew I would succeed. Thank you for your undying faith in me.

94. Thank you for being a truly outstanding teacher. Your passion for teaching and dedication to your students is evident in everything you do. I feel so lucky to have been put into your class. I hope you know your priceless impact on so many lives.

95. Thank you, Teacher, for all the fun activities you included in the class to enhance learning, proving that learning can be fun.

96. To my favorite teacher. You have helped me in more ways than simply enriching my basic knowledge. You have also helped shape me into the person I am today; I will always be thankful for that!

97. You have shown me that I can do anything I want. Thank you for having faith in me.

Robert M. Hutchins

98. Just a happy note to you today: you were born to be a teacher! Your patience is endless, and your passion is so evident. Thanks a million!

99. Dear teacher, I enjoyed your classes. Thank you for making your classes memorable and exciting and for enjoying your innovative teaching.

100. You bring such positive energy into the classroom. Thank you for being a highlight of my day!

101. Thank you for inspiring me to be my best and for being there to guide me when I needed help. Having you in my life opened my eyes to my inner strength and motivated me to become and do more. You have been an incredible teacher of lessons inside and outside the classroom. I could never thank you enough.

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Last But Not Least

Teachers deserve the most respect and praise for their work. They make every possible effort to make their students succeed academically and in their personal and professional lives. Students sometimes find it difficult to appreciate their teachers, or they can not do it due to shyness. Therefore, we have given some helpful ideas for students to share their gratitude towards the teachers.

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